Driving car in Russia you have to know that though the driving rules a pretty much the same that in Europe the driving and parking habits may differ from what you have use to.

If you have any experience on the roads of Moscow and Ekaterinburg you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the almost absence of huge traffic jams that are so common in other Russian cities of more than million people.

Last few years in Chelyabinsk so called “Road Revolution” is taking place. Almost all main roads are widened. A lot of new bridges, road junctions and bypasses have been constructed.

Driving behavior in Chelyabinsk also differs from other big cities.
In general, with some exceptions, drivers in Chelyabinsk are much more polite and less aggressive than let’s say in neighbouring Ekaterinburg.

So, welcome in Chelyabinsk!

EuroCar Chelyabinsk renders auto rental and lease services for such automobile brands as Volkswagen, Hyundai, KIA, Nissan, Skoda and Volvo — both without driver and with highly-qualified drivers of our company. We also provide corporate car park management and operating lease at the lowest prices in the region!


  • The largest inhouse car park in the region (more than 20 cars);
  • The age of  most vehicles — no more than 1 year;
  • No per day mileage limit;
  • Low auto rental tariffs and special proposals;
  • Downtown office location;
  • Individual approach to each customer, any form of payment;
  • Provision of a car at any time — to any spot of the city;
  • Additional services, as agreed with you.

Our specialists are ready to give qualified and objective answers to your questions, provide all required information and help you select a car, conditions of its use and additional equipment.
We welcome everyone to join us for cooperation!

Best regards,
EuroCar Chelyabinsk